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Necraflame / Feb 09, 2015

sign up for the mentor program! Our officers are standing by and ready to help anyone who signs up HERE!

our senior officers are carrying around big bundles of renown pots! When you complete a saga talk to a senior officer BEFORE you take the reward to have a renown pot bestowed upon you to grant us more renown!

Current senior officers: Spesh, Sent, Clerize, Sev

Don't forget to donate Here! if you can! We've used all the current donations (about 80$) on renown pots! (senior officers still have 425 TP each we are considering different uses for, Current suggestions are guest passes for sagas!)
Necraflame / Jan 16, 2015
In an effort to make an awesome presence on the server on the day of our teamspeak meeting we are going to try to outfit everyone involved with bloodplate amor.

Bloodplate armor drops from the end chest of Church and the cult. If you would like to help us out then go ahead and farm one, this is not required!

I have many unbound bloodplate armors i am more then happy to pass you one if you would like to use a mirror on it.

I am also offering 200k each for bloodplate armor if anyone would like to sell me one or more :)

we are also planning one of the most epic screenshots ever if we can get all this to come together right it should be awesome :)

Remember to get involved on our discussion! We are using posts from this thread to figure out what we are going to talk about during the teamspeak meeting http://www.liveandmakedie.shivtr.com/forum_threads/1994582
Necraflame / Dec 05, 2014
The initial contact between bonniebew and i turns out to have been a misunderstanding. I appologize for not looking further into it until recently. Bonniebew plans on opening an LFM for shroudpalooza. I feel she was using us to try to make sure her LFM gets full. She sold it to me as if it was all about making us look good.

Due to the actual details of the event some of our members will get left out. As a result i am personally avoiding everything to do with shroudpalooza, your decision regarding shroudpalooza is yours to make
Necraflame / Oct 12, 2014
Post a comment here with a number 1-400

Please post a number that HAS NOT BEEN POSTED YET

on saturday october 18th at raid time i'll roll a d400 and whoever is closest to the number i roll gets the contents of the officer chests

We will do this weekly

If you won in the last 2 weeks you are not eligible!

Keep in mind this first roll is going to be a real jackpot! the chests have been filling for a few weeks!