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We are Live and Make DIE!

Necraflame / Feb 09, 2015

sign up for the mentor program! Our officers are standing by and ready to help anyone who signs up HERE!

our senior officers are carrying around big bundles of renown pots! When you complete a saga talk to a senior officer BEFORE you take the reward to have a renown pot bestowed upon you to grant us more renown!

Current senior officers: Spesh, Sent, Clerize, Sev

Don't forget to donate Here! if you can! We've used all the current donations (about 80$) on renown pots! (senior officers still have 425 TP each we are considering different uses for, Current suggestions are guest passes for sagas!)

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The pot made a big difference. Completed one of the Eveningstar sagas and ended up with 60K guild XP. Sweet!!
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