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The time has come! From this point forward DDO will never be the same! Welcome to the Live and Make Die Official Site!

Why would I join Live and make die!?
Eberron is full of guilds. Anyone can make a guild! Live and Make Die is more then just a guild. We are a community! We thrive on one rule that makes us stand out from the other guilds you will see around Eberron. "Respect your guildmates" It is this rule that sets the tone for the atmosphere you will see within our guild chat and on our forums. Our members are happy to answer any questions you have about DDO and most of them are motivated to not just answer your question but to do what they can to be sure you understand. We all seek to guide one another to be greater then we were yesterday. Most of our members understand that in DDO we are only limited by our knowledge of the game and seek to constantly expand upon our personal knowledge and help those around us to learn and move forward as well. We move forward both individually and as a guild and we do so wile maintaining respect for all of our members.

This guild is not the product of a thirst for power. This guild is the product of everyone who wants to be involved! This guild is not a possession for the leaders. This guild belongs to all of us and that is why we have this website and forum. If you have suggestions for the future of Live and Make Die you have a place to make them and a place where we can all come together and discuss them. Anything that is posted on the forums is taken seriously and with full consideration of the reactions of others in the discussion

Live and Make Die was founded on November 21st, 2013. We have come a long way sense that day. As of February 21st 2014 (3 months later) We have almost one thousand guild mates (over 700 active in the last 2 weeks) and we are level 52! In the world of Eberron this is quite impressive. In the real world this is the result of dedicated members who joined our guild, saw the community, and knew that this is where they belong in the world of Eberron. Our guild means nothing without you guys. You guys ARE the guild. Like atoms that make up a body. When you join Live and Make Die you are a part of something greater then any of us could be alone and you are a part of a guild that is like no other in the world of Eberron.

Freedom to do what you want!
I want to be sure to express that when you are a member of Live and Make Die you are completely free to play the game however you want to play it. We all come to DDO to have fun and enjoy ourselves. That is why we only have 1 rule. Everyone can be comfortable in knowing that the guild will not disrespect you or ever tell you what to do unless you want to take on the role of Officer. If you like to solo then so be it solo to your hearts content! If you enjoy playing DDO with a group head over to our static groups forum and put yourself a static group together!

Please go to the recruitment forums and make a post or send a tell or in game mail to Necraflame, Speshkitty, Sentinus, or Cirnaxenia OR find any member and ask them to refer you to one of our many officers to join :)